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    Sticky Glue Mouse Traps Pack Of Ten

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    • SUPER STICKY - Catch rodents more effectively with the stickiest glue trap board on the market.
    •  LARGE CAPTURE AREA - The larger surface area makes the Just Catch traps great for catching big rodents and other house pests such as spiders and ants.
    • FOLD-ABLE & THICKER CARDBOARD - Unlike other mouse trap boards, Just Catch is thicker and harder which can prevent being dragged away by rats. It also has a fold-able design that makes it easier to catch the rats and can be placed even in narrow space.
    •  EASY TO USE - Simply fold open the trap and place it next to walls or other suspected paths used by mice and rats. The Just Catch trap can be used without bait when placed in the right path or baited with peanut butter or cheese.
    • Ten pack of sticky glue traps 
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